Independent Film Production

We are dedicated to the creation of entertainment and fiction content and formats for film, television and web media.

We produce in Ecuador and Spain, but we focus on the global market. Our goal is to transform formats into programs throughout the world.

We also have a multidisciplinary group of audiovisual and market professionals with whom we support both art and technique.

We are a young and integral producer. We evolved to work in four major business lines: entertainment production, fiction production, film production, and format creation and development.

Film Production

We offer audiovisual production service at different levels. We can handle the entire process, screenwriting, development, technical breakdowns, financing strategies, business plans, distribution plans, press kits, casting, location scouting, project dossier, production design, shooting, and post-production

Content Production

Creation, production and realization of entertainment content and audiovisual content for television. We propose the implementation and dissemination of both original and external formats.

We design a production modality where we develop ideas with our own image, linking creative ideas with achievements that offer quality results and that are adapted to the situation experienced by the current audiovisual market.


Specialists in film distribution dedicated to the acquisition and distribution for film and television of films and fiction series and documentaries. Applications for competitive funds, developing all the necessary documents and closing renditions.

We travel to different film markets to buy and sell exhibition rights, mainly from the Latin American market to the US and Europe.

Útero Films has a catalog of feature films available for international sale.

Script Doctor

If you have a script for a feature film, a short film, a web series, a TV series or a documentary, we advise you so that your project reaches its full potential, fully respecting your vision of it.

This is the most practical way to push your work to the screen



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Heroina / Heroin
Heroina / Heroin
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Apogeo / Apogee
Apogeo / Apogee
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